Getting In Shape (be ready for when the BOX arrives)

This is no joke!

This is not an exageration!

This is not Levi’s imagination!

When the box arrives at your doorstep, you WILL need to lift this much weight:

Or seen from the side … this is the equivalent weight of the Core Box of ISS Vanguard packed inside it’s thick and secure shipping box:

Personally, I can handle that pink 2 pound weight. I don’t know about you, but lifting that orange weight would be pushing it for me.

Luckily, I can use BOTH HANDS to lift the box from my doorstep when it arrives. Because the core box itself (without all the packaging for shipping) weighs 18 pounds. And mine will weigh significantly more since I ordered almost everything (just not the posters (no wall space), not the sleeves (I really hate cards inside sleeves) and not the dice tower (didn’t look very practical with no dice tray). The weight of the box coming to MY doorstep should well exceed 20 pounds.

So, maybe we need to put together an ISS Vanguard Workout program!

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