USA Orders getting an Update EMail now

Good news for all my fellow backers in the USA … I just got an EMail update regarding the shipping of my “order” … hopefully, everyone else in the USA will be notified shortly as well.

Here is what the update notice says:

Hello Explorer! You are receiving this short information as your parcel containing the English 1st wave stuff of ISS Vanguard is being prepared for shipping. Therefore, the status of your order will change to “Ready for Shipping.” This change is generated automatically by the system. Once it is shipped, you should receive a tracking number. We assume that your package should leave the hub in the first weeks of October. Please be aware that depending on the location, the shipping process can take up to a few weeks and is also determined by the content of your pledge. Best regards, Awaken Realms Team.

2 thoughts on “USA Orders getting an Update EMail now

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  1. I’m assuming you did full backing with the stretch goals. Did you choose the “Single Shipment” option? I’m wondering if the stretch goals will delay delivery if that option is chosen. Thanks for pulling all this information together!


    1. I highly recommend NEVER choosing the SINGLE SHIPMENT option – that adds a year or more to your delivery time. If you chose that you will get nothing in Wave 1. Then you wait another year (or more) until Wave 2 ships and you get everything (game and stretch goals) all at one time.


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