Navigating the My ISS Vanguard website!

You may now be ready for navigating through the universe, to a star system, IN a star system, DOWN to a planet and around the planet itself … but did you know the secret to navigating THIS WEBSITE? The trick to navigating My ISS Vanguard? And with nearly FIVE HUNDRED articles and pages you really need this secret, this trick!


You can access the search box in two ways from a computer:

First… it is always available as part of the header on every page … look for the light gray magnifying glass icon!

You will see that magnifying glass over on the right bottom corner of the menu bar below the header banner image. How it appears to you is based on your screen resolution and size plus the browser window size. Here are two ways that it might appear… first with a more narrow window where the menu choices are compressed into a drop down menu “icon” on the left … but the search icon (magnifying glass) is there on the right:

If your window is wider, it might include all the Menu Items in a menu bar below the banner image like this (but notice that magnifying glass icon is still there at the lower right):

Just click on that light gray magnifying glass icon and a full width search box should appear for your use:

Now just type in what you are looking for (such as: Ship Book) and hit ENTER … voila, a slew of articles should appear instantly for your perusal.

Second… it is always near the top of the rightmost panel when reading articles (if your screen provides room for a wide enough window to display that right side panel).

Just click inside that search box and type what you are looking for … same as with the full width search box … and get the same results!

Your smart phone should be very similar!

On my Android phone (Google Pixel) the search icon is still a light gray magnifying glass up at the top right of each page just below the banner image:

Just tap that light gray magnifying glass and up pops a search box for you:

And, just as on a computer, up pops articles that match with what you typed in the search box!

So … make use of this vast database of ISS Vanguard information that is free for the taking!


There is one more secret … USE THE MENU BAR or DROP DOWN MENU! I just added a new Menu Item for the Count Down … you can use that to just see the Count Down articles, blessings and stories!

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