Final Crew Boards are 1 3/4 inch wider

While trying to get as much as possible of my Prototype 2 updated to the Final, I was able to get the new Crew Boards from the Official Tutorial. And they are about 1 3/4 inch wider than the Prototype 2 Crew Boards (my best estimate since I do not have the final here). I like all the changes that Awaken Realms made, but it does mean they will need more table space.

Notice that the injury cards now go BELOW the Crew Board (they went on the right side with Prototype 2). Also, the charges (acrylic cubes) now go under the crewmember card while in Prototype 2 they went on the left side of the Crew Board. You also can see how the Available Dice are on the left side on the final Crew Board. And finally, the Spent Pool now has it’s own area right on the Crew Board itself while with Prototype 2 Spent Dice went ABOVE the Crew Board. I put the dice and injury cards on the Prototype Recon Crew Board while I put them on the Final Engineering Crew Board for the photo below. Prototype 2 is on top and Final is below them.

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