The App (final version coming this weekend)

Awaken Realms has let us know that the App is being updated this weekend (and the IOS might already have just been updated). The version that we downloaded and installed prior to September 16 was not the actual App. They said it would update itself automatically to the new final app when the final becomes available.

However … there are notes that this auto-update can cause issues with how the App works. The solution is to Uninstall the App and then Download and Install it again. This is said to fix things.

If you are not actually needing the App this weekend, it may be worth waiting until Monday to download and install it! Here is the official page to get the App:

=> App


If you start playing the game with the App be aware that if the App is updated, it clears away your progress in the game! The App is designed to track your progress through the game, remembering the choices you made, etc. That “tracking” is cleared with the update! (note: the files within the App should be fine updating… just not the App itself)


September 19 9pm Central USA – it is reported that both Android and IOS final App’s have been approved and are available to download now!

Also … please UNinstall the old App first … then download and install the new final App. Thanks Lone Pathfinder!

Disregard previous updates:

It looks like the Android final version has been approved … I just started my pre-final app and it asked permission to download the update package (different than just the files). UPDATE from Awaken Realms about 1:15pm Sep 18 USA Central time:

It also seems that the IOS final version has been approved … so both should be there for you now!

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