100 Countries (at least) playing ISS Vanguard

ISS Vanguard has gone world wide here in reality! People from 100 different countries have dropped by MY ISS Vanguard! And since there are only about 195 countries in the world, that means that people from over half of all the countries have been here with you at My ISS Vanguard!

I don’t see a breakdown by country from Awaken Realms of ISS Vanguard backers.

However, the webstats for My ISS Vanguard DOES include the country that visitors to the website are from. And it appears that maybe many (most) of the backers visit MyISSVanguard.com so maybe this list is a good one? Update: I can’t get a specific count. My webstats don’t seem to combine total unique visitors other than for just one year at a time. So, the number of unique visitors is somewhere between 26,000 and 50,000 (adding both years unique visitors). However, I’d guess it would be between 28,000 and 30,000 unique visitors all told (though I realize some of you may visit from both your smartphone and computer and it would count both as unique…. but not if you visited every day from your computer … that would be just ONE unique visitor).

So … here is the official list for My ISS Vanguard, but unofficial from the perspective of Awaken Realms. That said, let’s go … have fun with this! And let’s start with a map (I just found out that my webstats system could do this – the darker colored countries had more visitors):

Now … I’m honored to NAME all the countries that have come to visit My ISS Vanguard:

TOP TEN Countries

11-20 Countries

21-30 Countries

31-40 Countries

41-50 Countries

51-60 Visiting Countries

61-70 Countries

71-80 Countries

81-90 Countries

91-100 Countries

Wow … exactly 100 Countries have dropped by to visit My ISS Vanguard! This is Real… in the Real World!

Meanwhile, in the game… ISS Vanguard has gone to the ends of the universe! And Levi O’Connor wants to party! And with 52 different nationalities aboard the starship, he wanted an everybody kind of dance party! And, yes, they all showed up! The crew aboard the starship know how to party!

Crewmembers have these origins:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. American
  3. Argentinian
  4. Australian
  5. Austrian
  6. Brazilian
  7. Canadian
  8. Catalan
  9. Chilean
  10. Chinese
  11. Croatian
  12. Cuban
  13. Danish
  14. Digital Nomad
  15. Dutch
  16. Egyptian
  17. English
  18. Finnish
  19. French
  20. German
  21. Greek
  22. Hungarian
  23. Indian
  24. Indonesian
  25. Iranian
  26. Iraqi
  27. Irish
  28. Italian
  29. Japanese
  30. Korean
  31. Lebanese
  32. Mexican
  33. Native American
  34. New Zealander
  35. Nigerian
  36. Pakistani
  37. Polish
  38. Portuguese
  39. Russian
  40. Scottish
  41. Serbian
  42. Slovakian
  43. South African
  44. Spaceborn
  45. Spanish
  46. Sudanese
  47. Swedish
  48. Swiss
  49. Thai
  50. Ukranian
  51. Unknown
  52. Vietnamese

Levi O’Connor does not mess around when he wants a world wide ISS Vanguard party! He talked with Mark (the music concert guy aboard the starship) and Mark got a full fledged dance party arranged and even approved by Captain Wayman! Klara was sad that she didn’t have a 3D version of the uplifting jump around party video, but she helped get all the crewmembers into the Mess Hall for a HUGE DANCE PARTY. It looked something like this:

UPDATE: The video is in a comment to this article (scroll way down). There were a couple place that they used improper language (which I really dislike, but try to just ignore). I thought it best to move it into a comment so everything remains family friend here!  I am all for “Family Friendly” and also a house rule for all games “Play Nice”.

Real World Note: Len did the website for DJ Forest Green (see her video linked in the comments to this article) way way way back (maybe pre 2000 … but his websites back then were nowhere nearly as good as this one). Forest went on to actually be a DJ in a movie! In addition to website stuff, Len also enjoyed going to Raves wearing Art Shoes and a long black cape his wife made for him (she said it was nice that he was actually getting some exercise since he came home soaking wet … sweating from hours of fast dancing).  Len could keep up with those young whippersnappers! At times one of them would come over to chat and say something like “My dad would never do something like this!” Sadly, Len needs a walker to get around now, but in the early 2000’s he could go an entire evening without hardly any break at all.

I wanted to end by showing you my Drug Free Dancing  and Drug Free Music shirt. I had an artist design the sleeves with those words and I wore it to all the “dance parties” just to remind people that fun can be had without drugs. I just spent an hour looking for that shirt (it is a bit of history for me) but I can’t find it. I lost my custom made shirt designed by an artist here in Madison, Wisconsin! But I bet that Levi O’Connor has one just like it and is proudly wearing it at the starship’s Dance Party!

PS: I couldn’t resist … I now have the “dance party” video playing on our large Family Room TV! Remember, the full video is linked in the comments to this article … just keep scrolling down and down and down….

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  1. Here is the 1 hour party video. I removed it from the main article because there were two times when I was not happy with language used in it (wish they would quick using bad language and references in such great music). So… I thought I could include it here and that way you could watch it and be warned. I just ignore the language (as I wish they would have NOT used it). Here is the YouTube Link=> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyJ-X5FNbg4&ab_channel=plurry


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