Official Update 44 has been posted

Awaken Realms has posted another official update! Pledge Manger for both current and NEW backers is now open (for a couple months):

=> Update 44 (Pledge Manger)

Highlights / Summary:

Awaken Realms provided some good examples and screenshots in their official update, so you may want to read the whole update! But here is a summary / highlights for it:

  1. Pledge Manager has reopened – you can add new stuff to your existing order
    Note: we can add things to our English order and if we had Split Shipping, that part won’t change! Jordan confirmed this for me:
  2. Late Pledge is available (for those who have not yet backed ISS Vanguard)
  3. They provided this graphic illustrating everything that will come with 1st Wave (this term needs to be clarified due to The Lost Fleet Campaign in the visual):
  4. To access the re-opened Pledge Manager go here:
    => Pledge Manager
  5. To add more items click on the option ADD MORE ITEMS
  6. You can change your pledge by clicking the button EDIT PLEDGE. Note: your pledge must be at a higher value than the initial pledge value. If you wish to LOWER it, you must contact Customer Support here:
  7. When you are done choosing what you want, click the CONFIRM button.
  8. Next you can continue browsing the Pledge Manager or you can click the button SUBMIT PLEDGE
  9. After you provide shipment info, the cost for shipping will be calculated and added to your total.
  10. Next they included a Pledge Manager FAQ as follows:
  11. When will you receive the items? A: English content will be delivered together with 2nd Wave English. Language content will be based on your shipment choice. If you choose Split Shipping, you will get 1st wave content first, then later you also will get some more content in wave 2. If you choose Single Shipment you won’t get anything in the 1st Wave for languages – it all will be delivered in the 2nd Wave Languages.
  12. Why use the Pledge manager? A: It is where you specify your shipping address and final list of items.
  13. How long will the Pledge Manager be open? A: A few months (no exact closing date has been determined yet)
  14. I didn’t back ISS Vanguard before, can I get it now? A: Yes! You can get everything that is available at the same price as previous backers.
  15. Can I change my shipping address? A: Yes!
  16. Can I choose the shipping method? A: No. Awaken Realms will use “economy shipping” if courier delivery is priced too high
  17. Can I add more later? A: Yes. You then would also pay the small difference in shipping the added items. Just be sure to FINALIZE your pledge before it closes!
  18. VAT / Sales Tax? A: this is calculated for you.
  19. Add-ons shipping cost? A: Depends on weight and size. If you ONLY order add-ons (without a pledge for the game itself), your shipping cost will be the same as for the Core Box (or higher).
  20. You can also order a copy of a different Awaken Realms game: Etherfields

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