How to Introduce the game to Friends!

Lone Pathfinder has suggested a way to introduce ISS Vanguard to your family and friends!

Before your game day with your friends, be sure to read or watch the Official tutorial with this video to assist in parallel. Go through the section that tell you to assemble the game (card in trays etc… )

Next, if you have any lingering questions about how everything works together, you should watch these three tutorial videos that are spoiler free:

When your friends come over, start by sharing the little comic magazine included in the box! It also is available online in a text only format (with a link to the full graphic version) here:
=> Prelude (comic)
NOTE: Jorg agrees … show them the comic, then play the tutorial and the tutorial will get into the cool video!
Next, if you have the player mats, be sure to know how they help you keep things organized:

Next show everyone these SHORT Official Awaken Realms videos in sequence. Some may overlap a little.

Len’s Note: but remember that some of the video might be better AFTER playing the tutorial as Jorg reminds us:

Then start playing with log entry 001

Game hints and Q&A are available here:

Finally, if you want to actually SEE the game in action … watch Mike from One Stop Coop Shop play though one mission (there will be spoilers):

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