No More Nationalities / Countrys of Origin

The final crewmember crew cards have had their country of origin (nationality / ethnicity) removed. I haven’t seen any mention about why they were removed. For those of us who enjoy ISS Vanguard and how the game is so immersive with wonderful characters and stories, the origins of each of the crew were important, almost essential to their story!

An example of this is actually part of the Count Down stories here on My ISS Vanguard in the story that is at the top of this article:

=> The Dice

And even more … consider the FACT that people from 100 COUNTRIES have come to visit the My ISS Vanguard website! This is Worldwide! I am proud to NAME all the countries that have visited this website!

=> 100 Countries

That said, it seems that by “officially” naming countries as part of the game, Awaken Realms got some flak… apparently enough that they simply removed the Origin from all the crew cards (which is a shame).

Here is an example of how the back of the crewmember crew cards were changed. The near final card is on the left and the final card is on the right.

However … Fear Not!

Just get out your handy silver or white gel pen and write the Origin on your cards! It won’t “break” the game and it will add to the game if you enjoy the story aspect of the game!

Get the PDF list of all crewmembers origins all on one page from the nearly final crewmember cards:
=> Crewmember Origins

Or use this screen capture if you are unable to view a PDF:

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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