Shipping Quick View Summary

Here is the Shipping Update based on the official Update #45 that Awaken Realms posted today… but first a note from AR-Jordan about what “prepackaged” means:


Ship expected to dock at Seattle on September 29
The Hub is already preparing for arrival of the containers
Shipping labels are being made for prepackaged orders (about 80% of orders)
Delivery will be via UPS

Canada Hub

Labeling should begin by October 1
Shipping should begin by October 8
Congestion in Toronto caused delays

UK Hub

Dock Workers are on strike through October 5
Ship is waiting just outside the port
Containers should be at the Hub by October 12
About 100 pre-packaged parcels are coming via EU Hub and should be at the UK Hub by October 8

Asian Hub

All parcels are at the Hub
Labeling is happening now
Shipping should start by October 1
Note that end point delivery typically takes longer in Asia

Australia Hub

90% have been shipped
86% have been delivered
What remains? Mostly Pick & Pack pledges.

EU Hub

(Europe and Rest of the World)
90% have been shipped
80% have been delivered
What remains? Mostly Poland and Pick & Pack pledges. Should be complete by October 8.

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