USA Shipping Gamefound EMail (UK and Canada also)

UPDATE: You should basically just ignore this official Gamefound Email! People have reported getting the email even though they have had their game for over a week already. I’ve seen reports that the same email went to Europe, USA, and Canada (and likely others). See the important note below!

Here is my notice in case you didn’t get yours:

Important Note: this does NOT mean that a package has been placed on a truck to be delivered to you! It is merely a Gamefound internal process. It seems that the Gamefound email is quite generic and was even sent to those who have already received their game! So… basically, just ignore this email :) AR-Jordan puts it this way:

Jordan … you must have been reading Levi’s stories where it cuts back to the “real world” :)

For the USA, Gamerati is handling the Hub and distribution of the packages. When a package addressed to you is actually sent out from the Hub you should get a delivery notification from them. I think it will be another week or two before that happens! We might get a shipping address verification email as well… so watch for a few more emails coming our way soon!

And then you might also get a notification from UPS who is doing the final delivery to your doorstep as per the latest Shipping Update summarized here:

=> Shipping Update

Update: It seems that people in the UK and in Canada also got this “Gamefound notification”. Good thing AR-Jordan told us to ignore it … it is not part of the “real world”. :)

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