Can you identify all 18 crew here?

Well … time for another challenge for you!

Can you identify ALL 18 crewmembers in this illustration?

BONUS: Some of the crew also have a nickname … can you include their nickname as well?

Send your answer to Len via the Contact page here, via Facebook Group (as soon as they approve the link to this article) or the Gamefound Comments page!

=> Contact Len

I have a good friend who is an excellent artist … she looked at my first attempt (see below) and suggested that I make some of the images larger and some smaller. I did so and asked her how I was doing and was surprised at her reply:

To see how the cover started … here is the original first draft:

And for the curious … behind the scenes of the cover … I went for the “old school” look of cutting images out with a scissors and aligning them this way and that into a sort of collage. But I wanted a kind of 3D look to it so I did NOT glue them down but left them free standing and somewhat curled on the sides. You digital graphic artists take note!!!

I hope to take the book to the local book bindery here in Madison on Monday!  I already have been in contact with Awaken Realms and they gave me the OK to send them a copy of the book! I am guessing that they will know the names of all 18 crew … but will they know the nicknames? Who Knows?

Extra Bonus if you replied, “The Shadow Knows” so that I could reply “Lindsey Stirling

The Back Cover of the book will be shown next … it’s a SPOILER for today’s challenge! UPDATE: Nah … no spoilers! We are all good at waiting (right? :)

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