October 3 Monday Q&A with Marcin

Highlights: Shipping, Future, Polish, Pledge Manager, App

The Monday Marcin Q&A is over, but it was recorded so you can watch it at any time (summary is below the video):

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights:

  1. 4:25 – Shipping Comments: Boxes were picked up today (in Seattle to go to the USA hub). In the UK, 100 of the orders will be shipped today or tomorrow. Another thousand will be sent the following week. For USA they are waiting for confirmation from the Hub that they have received the boxes. Hub distribution is being done by Gamerati. It seems the USA shipping might be started this week. However, the is a note that many of the staff at Gamerati are ill at this time, so they have limited staff at this time. Canada should start shipping this week as well.
  2. 8:00 – There might be another time in the future where they reopen (again) the Pledge Manager, but that is not certain, so if you want something, best to get it now while the Pledge Manager is open.
  3. 8:45 – Not sure if app narration will have a Polish option.
  4. 10:20 – Q: How long will the current Pledge Manager be open? A: Should be about two months, but they will notify us about a month before it closes.
  5. 12:10 – Q: Are app issues being fixed? A: They are collecting the feedback on the app and will be updating it. With a game and logs this size there definitely could be some mistakes, but they are doing their best to fix it. 

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