Game Trayz X-Trayz are back in stock

Board Game Geek store has the X-Trayz back in stock! They have been out of stock for quite some time, so there might be MANY people waiting for the day they are back in stock. So, if you need some, you might consider getting them soon! Here is a link to the Board Game Geek store:

=> X-Trayz at Board Game Geek

You also can get them directly from Game Trayz:

=> X-Trayz at Game Trayz

NOTE: at the time I am writing this, they are IN STOCK at Board Game Geek, but not yet at Game Trayz.

There are four styles and multiple colors available:

I have tried a variety of ways of holding my cubes, chips, tokens and assorted small game components and X-Trayz is the best by far. So, that is what I use now (so I just ordered 36 more for myself before they sell out again).

These are perfect for ISS Vanguard to hold many things (with lids that snap shut so components do not spill out while moving the game box from place to place:

  1. time tokens
  2. success tokens
  3. command tokens
  4. energy tokens
  5. acrylic cubes
  6. injury dice
  7. danger dice
  8. the D10 die
  9. mission equipment tokens
  10. lander standees
  11. action tokens
  12. mission failed token
  13. start token
  14. turn tokens
  15. colored base rings

Some of these will need their own X-Trayz (a single) while others could be stored in a double (two different components, one on each side).

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