Five Key Elements of ISS Vanguard (Pros and Cons) – One Stop Coop Shop

The One Stop Coop Shop has a very nice type of video!

Five in FiveFive key elements of a game discussed in just five minutes! (Full Video at the end)

Here are the FIVE Key Elements from the MOST important to the least:

1) Most Important Element: Dice Action Tests (a PRO)

2) Second Most Important Element: Exploration (a PRO)

3) Ship Management (a MIX)

4) Story and Writing (a PRO)

5) Potential for Grind and Repetition (a CON) – this might be the case if you need to go back to a planet several times. This might not be the case for everyone though.

And here is the full five minutes covering those five key elements of the game:

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