Official Shipping Report #2 (Update #46)

Awaken Realms has another official update for us!

=> Update #46 (Shipping Report #2)


The first containers arrived at the Hub today (Oct 5). They should all be there by tomorrow. Parcels may start shipping out by Oct 8.

UPDATE from Len (Oct 7):

Actually, this is not quite the case. Gamerati is the USA Hub. They just had all their staff our sick for two weeks and now gradually returning to work. And, now they have two weeks of work to catch up on! Gamerati has contracted with other companies to do their “hub shipping” and they have to complete two others before starting on ISS Vanguard. They might actually get started on ISS Vanguard about October 14 (not Oct 8). Of course, I am basing this on information others shared from Gamerati tweets etc. Who knows what the real situation is? (and you reply, “The Shadow Knows” and I say “Lindsey Stirling“) … Also, side note: shipping from Gamerati is supposed to be via UPS.

See Article=> USA Gamerati Notes

See Oct 8 Update=> Gamerati Info from their Facebook Page (no need for you to use Facebook to see them)

Canadian Hub

All containers have reached the Hub. Packages are being prepared for shipping while the labels are being printed. Actual shipping should begin by Oct 8 (within the next few days).

UK Hub

The ship still has not docked. However their 100 prepacked parcels ARE at the Hub and should ship out by Oct 8 (ie, soon). They are monitoring the dock strike situation.

Asian Hub

Shipping the parcels has started! Backers in China, Hong Kong and Macau should have gotten the tracking info emails already. Other countries should begin shipping soon.

Australian Hub

There are only a few parcels left in the hub to be shipped out (about 3% of the packages). They should all be shipped out by Oct 8 (within the next few days)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You now can order just the miniature expansion (aka Close Encounters). Before, this was only possible when bundled together with the Core Game! $89 for the standard grey minis or $145 for the sundropped minis.

And finally they linked to our favorite reviewers: Ant Lab Games!

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