USA Gamerati Notes (shipping might be delayed)


Gamerati (Seattle area?) is doing the final USA Hub processing for Awaken Realms. They provide this service to a variety of customers. Unfortunately ALL their staff was out sick for a couple weeks with COVID and are gradually coming back now. This put a backlog on shipping out games in their system prior to receiving ISS Vanguard. Here are some notes:

Another person adds some info as to the game backlog at Gamerati (due to the sad fact of the staff all getting sick):

This comment followed:

October 7 update from Twitter posted to Gamefound… looks like their staff is back, so that is good news! But now they need to catch up from two weeks with no staff!

I checked their website and clicked on WORK FOR GAMERATI and got this result:

So it seems that they have enough staff once they have recovered from their illness.

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