Short 5 minute review!

Yay … finally a review that points out something critically important!

Do NOT mix up your Section dice between your sections on the mission!

This is NOT an issue with the game itself … but it is an issue with PLAYING the game!

Often reviews and play throughs mix the dice from the player and those assisting together in one roll pool and then pull out the assisting dice to put them back where they belong. Not a good idea. Yes, you might have a good memory. But in the heat of the moment will you still remember exactly which of the two assisting crewmembers dice go where?

The solution is simple … never put the assisting dice together with the dice for the players whose turn it is. YES, they all are considered one big happy roll pool, but that does not mean you have to push them all together into one clump :)

Thanks for pointing that out so VERY NICELY in this short review! See timestamp 4:28 in the video where he mentions this:

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