October 10 Monday Q&A with Marcin

Highlights: App, Wave 2, Shipping, UK, Canada

The Monday Marcin Q&A is over, but they recorded it so we can watch it at any time:

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights:

  1. 3:00 – Q: Have a question about ISSV Companion App – do You have plans to integrate Lost Fleet, Deadly Frontier, and other scenarios in it? Because decisions made are hidden inside the app and not visible, but rules state that decisions made earlier can have impact on further campaigns. A: This is a good catch!! Marcin thinks that they might do it, but even if not, we will definitely put a way into the app to export your decisions for the future campaign(s). That’s a very good catch!
  2. 3:45 – Q: What is the latest shipping estimate for Wave 2? A: They are still waiting for some 2nd wave content. They have already planned out the campaign … so soon-ish. Probably within a month or so they should have a better idea for what is shaping up for the 2nd wave. Should be in a future Update. Same for the Language Editions.
  3. 9:05 – They have shipped the first 100 games to the UK and the next batch will go out next week. Unsure about shipping in USA. Shipping started in Canada (finally). 
  4. 16:20 – Q: When will the language version come? A: They will have an update about this in a month or so (along with the 2nd wave development).

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