Official Update 47 (Shipping Update)

Awaken Realms has posted a new Shipping Update for us!

=> Update #47 (Shipping Update #3)



First parcels are starting to ship out from the Hub! Stats on percentage of parcels sent out hopefully will be in the next update.

Note from Len:

Gamerati included this note as to how notification emails go out:

Canada Hub

Shipping has been ongoing … Awaken Realms doesn’t have any stats on how what percentage of the parcels have been sent out, but hope to have these stats soon (next update).

UK Hub

The first 100 parcels have now been shipped out. Those first lucky 100 in the UK should be receiving their game soon! The rest of the containers have reached the port… waiting for them to get to the Hub. They will let us know when the Hub reports receiving the containers.

Asian Hub

28% of the parcels have been shipped out and 23% have already been received. And now you can track the estimated delivery time to different countries! The Hub is maintaining this for you here:

=> Track Shipments Per Game / Country

Europe Hub

ALL parcels have been shipped out! However, not all have been delivered yet (only about 120 left undelivered). If you have not received your parcel, there is no need to worry, as it should arrive at your doorstep in the following days. If any issues occur with any remaining parcels (which isn’t the case right now), we will contact affected backers individually.

Australia Hub

ALL parcels have been shipped out! Only about 25 have not yet been delivered. Awaken Realms will monitor those (just as they are monitoring the final packages from the Europe Hub).

Final Note

The ISS Vanguard Pledge Manager is open, and the Late Pledge option is available! So, you can add new stuff to your existing order or join the adventure if you have missed the crowdfunding campaign!

Awaken Realms refers you back to a previous Official Update for information on how to navigate the Pledge Manager and Late Pledge option! Almost like we need to navigate between Star Systems and then navigate down to each planet! Here is where they refer you:

=> Navigating Late Pledge and Pledge Manager

FINALLY … look at the fine details of the starship ISS Vanguard in this artwork! You can even easily read the name ISS Vanguard on the side of the ship:

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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