Tutorial Playthrough (LONG) by Paul Grogan

Page 9 of the rulebook highly recommends either PLAYING through the Tutorial OR watching the Tutorial Video. Page 10 lets you know that if you watch the Tutorial Video, you can (if you wish) skip actually playing it yourself.

You could watch the condensed Video of the Tutorial (Official Tutorial) here:
=> Official Tutorial Video (31 minutes)

Or you can watch THIS video which is a much more detailed 4 player game presented by Paul Grogan who was the main author of the rulebook! The first 2 1/2 hours (yes, I warned you that it is LONG) covers the introduction to the game and a full complete playthrough of the Tutorial Planetary Exploration. After that he explains and goes through the Ship Book Phase (another 55 minutes):

Note: Paul often refers to the Danger Die as an Injury Die … just remember that the real injury dice are yellow and the danger die is orange and it’s all good :)

The same players return to continue the game where they left off in Part 2.
=> Tutorial Playthrough Part 2

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