Official Update 48 (Shipping Update 4)

Awaken Realms has posted another official shipping update!

=> Shipping Update #4


Language Translations – things are moving along and if all goes well they will be posting examples of the language translations!


3 of the 5 containers have been processed and picked up by UPS. About 60% of orders have left the Hub. Gamerati is the fulfillment Center and posts updates in these places:

Len’s Note: people in various states have been reporting that they received their game!

Canada Hub

75% of the parcels have been shipped out and about 70% have been delivered. Everything should be sent out by October 22.

UK Hub

80% have been shipped out but only about 20% have been delivered so far. Shipping should continue through November 5. The Pick and Pack orders will go out after that.

Asia Hub

61% have been shipped out and about 34% have been delivered. Track your package status here:


Australia Hub

Only a few parcels are left to be delivered and those should be completed by October 22.

Europe Hub

About 60 parcels have yet to be delivered, so the shipping process is still ongoing.


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