Comparing and Explaining while Unboxing Part 1

This is not your run of the mill unboxing video. As I take things out of the box, I will explain what they are… but wait, there’s more! Since I have Prototype 2, I will show you components in the final game and compare them to how they looked and functioned in the Prototype! But wait, there’s still more! I had our local book bindery professionally bind all the stories I wrote during the Count Down to when the first people received their games! All 24 days of stories (plus the Christening of the starship and the Grand Finale) are in a gorgeous 104 page book that I made to send as a gift to Awaken Realms. Yes … I am sending THEM something … as a HUGE Thank You for designing, developing and producing this epic space exploration board game! I will be sending the book to Awaken Realms next week (and now THEY have to eagerly wait till they get it:)

I will add more to this write up later … but for now … take a look at PART ONE. It is a tad less than an hour and I tried to not put spoilers in it. Please let me know if there are other things you would like to see. I have several more videos to do, so keep your eyes to the skies and watch for them to appear here on My ISS Vanguard!

NOTE: I did NOT get paid anything and I did NOT receive anything free from Awaken Realms. I paid $514 for my game via Gamefound like the other 30,000 backers!

Here is Part One (Part Two actually is a series of shorter videos):

I just did the video for you … and there is no need to LIKE or SUBSCRIBE … just enjoy it. However, if you really do LIKE it, why not click the LIKE button any way :)


  • 1:20 Protective Foam (protects the contents inside keeping them away from the sides of the box)
  • 1:35 Open Here Thank You Letter – includes instructions on what to do if anything is missing or broken
  • 3:10 Section Boxes
  • 3:18 Boy This Box Is BIG … I try (unsuccessfully) to put it on a chair… then just on the floor
  • 4:00 Section Boxes compared
    • 4:00 – Gamegenic Side Holder boxes ($1.99)
    • 4:20 – Gamegenic Watchtower boxes ($34.99)
  • 4:55 Playmats
  • 5:10 Bag of Upgraded Dice (my dice ended up unusable due to the blue and green looking the same)
  • 5:30 Section P.E.T.s
  • 6:15 Close Encounters (Miniatures)
  • 7:00 Core Box (starting with a “drop test” :)
  • 7:43 Amir (transition … also a look at the 104 page book of ISS Vanguard stories)
  • 8:50 Opening the Core Box (opens slowly like it was vacuum packed)
  • 9:10 Comparing Prototype 2 Box and the Core Game Box
  • 9:40 ISS Vanguard Motto is “Ex Fortitudine Veritas” which is Latin for “From Spiritual Endurance Comes Truth”
  • 10:23 What is a “vanguard”? Defined (it is in the 104 page book of ISS Vanguard stories)
  • 11:18 Cardboard sheets of standees and tokens
  • 12:50 Rulebook
  • 15:30 Back Cover of the 104 page book of ISS Vanguard stories
  • 16:20 The “story” within the “game”
  • 17:25 Heavy thick paper pages for the Ship Book binder
  • 17:50 Personnel Files expansion
  • 18:35 Planetopedia (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 21:20 The Dice Check icon (added in the Core Box)
  • 21:52 Secret Envelope (do NOT open)
  • 22:33 System Maps book (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 24:35 Comic / Prologue (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 26:05 Logbook (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 28:03 Operations Book
  • 28:35 Lander Boards / Trays (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 31:49 Card Holder pages for the Ship Book
  • 32:10 Ship Binder (and a look at what happened to Prototype 2’s binder)
  • 34:37 Crew Boards (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 39:50 Riku (transition)
  • 41:00 Crew miniatures (also miniature of ISS Vanguard)
  • 41:55 Section Boxes (quick compare with the ones I purchased from Gamegenic)
  • 43:05 Section Cards for all 4 Sections are inside two of the Section Boxes
  • 43:40 Pack of Large cards
  • 44:00 Black Leads bag
  • 44:20 Rings to place on the bottom of Crew minis
  • 44:55 Hard plastic stands for the standees
  • 45:03 Purple acrylic cubes for charges and universal markers
  • 45:35 Plastic bag for Success, Command and Energy Tokens
  • 45:50 Injury Dice / Danger Dice / D10 Die (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 46:35 Section Dice (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 48:03 Two Card Trays (Tray A and Tray B)
  • 48:30 White Card Tray A (Planetary Exploration cards)
  • 51:15 Black Card Tray B (Ship Management cards)
  • 51:25 Planetary Scanner (compared with Prototype 2)
  • 52:58 Planet Save Cards (blanks for you to write what was on the planet when you left it)
  • 53:43 Divider cards for the small cards
  • 54:15 Bookmark for the System Maps book
  • 55:10 Rank Sleeves (clear plastic with rank and Section logo icons)
  • 55:35 Side of the box has instructions for how to pack everything back into the box
  • 55:45 Jia 

I am tacking on a screen shot just to get an image on the page in the website:

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