Your First Game of ISS Vanguard (all set up)

This video will show you how everything should look once you are ready to start the Tutorial.

Recommended: Before putting the pages into your Ship Book, reinforce the holes in the thick paper pages! As seen in the video, I reinforced the first and the last pages with metal and the rest with plastic rings. See this article=> Metal or plastic reinforcements

More videos to come!

Info about the Gamegenic dice and card system=> Master Card and Dice Holder

Info about the custom dice tray system for ISS Vanguard=> Excellent Dice Tray System

Info about the Game Trayz=> Game Trayz X-Trayz

Info about Metal Reinforcements for 3 Ring pages=> Grommets Kit

Info about Metal or Clear Plastic Reinforcments=> Reinforcements for Ship Book Pages

Note: Awaken Realms did NOT send me a free game and did not pay me anything. I have not received any money nor products for free from them. However, I did correspond with Newhamr about getting a customized dice tray system for ISS Vanguard and once he had it ready he sent me one to test (which you see in this video).

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