Travel (Sector to Sector) in ISS Vanguard

Video first … then the article that explains it:)

During Planetary Exploration, your crew travels from Sector to Sector exploring and hopefully making discoveries. Here is an example of a travel path that crew can travel in both directions:

NOTE: Any Sector that you are allowed to travel to from your current Sector is referred to as a “Connected Sector” (the image above shows two fully connected Sectors that allow travel in both directions).

This is the arrowhead icon that means you CAN enter the path from your current Sector (in this example you CAN leave the Sector below it):

Once you enter a path, you can NEVER “get stuck” in the path. You will always end up in the connected Sector (though it might cost you more than you anticipated).

Each travel path has an icon in the center of the path that indicates what the cost is to travel on that path. Usually, you will need to “spend” one (or more if there are two icons on the path) die, roll a danger die or check the Global Conditions for travel (the card in the lower right corner of the Planetopedia pages).

This icon means you must “spend” one die to travel the path. Notice that the arrow is pointing to the RIGHT … this reminds you that you must take one available die from the left side of your crew board (your “available dice”) and “spend” it by moving it to the right side of the crew board (your spent pool). Here is the explanation from page 46 of the Rulebook:

If there is a yellow danger die icon on the travel path, that means that you must roll a danger die and “suffer” the consequences! Look at the TINY letter inside the danger die icon and compare your danger die roll with the Danger Die Reference Card to see what the results for your roll are! A danger die icon will be one of the following:

Often the travel path will have the “walking crewmember” icon which looks like this:

This means that you must look at the Global Conditions card in the lower right corner of the Planetopedia page to see what the “cost” for travel currently is. This can vary as the conditions on the planet vary.

If there is a “do not enter” symbol at the start of a path leaving your current Sector then you may not use that path and the Sector at the other end is NOT a connected Sector. Section Cards and Crew Skills cannot override this.

This is a “do not enter” icon (in this example you cannot leave the Sector above it):

NOTE: Even worse … if there is a “no exit allowed” icon in your current Sector (usually in the upper right corner), then you are not allowed to leave that Sector (yet), even if a path leaving your sector has the proper arrowhead icon!

This is a “no exit allowed” icon (you cannot leave that Sector at this time):

The first half of page 30 of the Rulebook explains travel.

NOTE: Awaken Realms is NOT paying me anything and they did NOT send me any product for free! I paid $514 for my copy of the game via Gamefound just like everyone else!

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