One Way to Pack everything (All In Pledge)

SideGame has a very nice calm video showing how to organize and pack everything into the Core Box, Close Encounters Box and the Card Sleeves Box (including the Section PETs, Playmats and Section Boxes):

He also has a very nice quick index with links directly into his video for each of the items he talks about.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:50 Posters
  • 1:06 Dice Tower
  • 1:36 Replaced Card Trays
  • 1:57 Replaced Standees, Tokens, and Colored Bases
  • 2:20 Upgraded Dice
  • 2:52 Organizing: Core Box: Rulebook and Planetopedia
  • 3:08 Where We Are in the Campaign (How to Use this Video)
  • 4:17 Ship Book
  • 4:59 Secret Envelope
  • 5:23 Core Game Miniatures
  • 5:55 Ship Boards, Operations and Log Book, Prologue Booklet, Personnel Files, and System Maps
  • 6:29 Awaiting Envelope
  • 6:57 Crew Member Boards and Unlockable Section Dice
  • 7:27 Small Component Organizer (Various Tokens, Markers, and Dice)
  • 8:20 Leads Bag and Coin Capsules
  • 9:02 Pet Miniatures and Playmats
  • 9:21 Section Containers
  • 10:34 Reference, Enemy Cards, and Planet Cards Divider
  • 11:12 Packing it Up: Core Box
  • 12:13 Organizing: Close Encounters Box
  • 12:36 Tokens Not Replaced by Miniatures
  • 12:58 Packing It Up: Close Encounters Box
  • 13:12 Organizing: Sleeves Box: Extra Sleeves
  • 13:30 Replaced Trays
  • 13:47 A Tray: Planetary Scanner, Points of Interest, Mission, Global Conditions, and Production Projects Cards
  • 14:19 Discovery, Gathered Discovery, Events, and Lander Mod Cards
  • 14:43 B Tray: Armory, Unavailable Equipment, Resting Crew, Recruits, Landing Cards, and Recorded Planets
  • 5:18 Facility Upgrades, Possible Situations, Future Situations, Research Project, Injuries, Rank Ups, Bridge Cards, and Removed from Game Area
  • 15:52 Tray C: Pencil, Planetary Sheets, Personnel Files Cards
  • 16:33 Unique Discoveries and Current Active Crew Members
  • 17:33 Packing It Up: Sleeves Box
  • 17:48 Don’t Remove These Trays
  • 18:08 Closing

The video is nice in that it shows taking things OUT OF the boxes as well as how to put things BACK INTO the boxes!

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