November 14 Monday Q&A with Marcin

Highlights: Asia, The Ship, Amazing

The Monday Marcin Q&A is over but it is recorded so you can watch it at any time. Highlights are below the video:

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights:

  1. 3:50 – It is great to see that people are playing ISS Vanguard and leaving ratings on BGG and writing reviews. Marcin had always wanted to make an epic Sci-Fi game and their team put together an amazing adventure. If you are a Star Trek or other Sci-Fi fan hopefully the game lives up to your expectations because they put a lot of heart into it. 
  2. 11:05 – Q: Shipping status for Asia? A: They are checking into this and an email will go out to the affected backers.
  3. 13:50 – Q: I’m very impressed with ISS Vanguard. The crew stories get you invested in the game. A: The story is about the Ship … about the people on the Ship. Individuals might die, but the team will carry on. It’s a team relationship that you build yourself. 
  4. 16:40 – Q: I’m enjoying ISS Vanguard. Great game, amazing story! A: Thank you. 

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