Crew List with Abilities (Core and Veteran)

Here is a list that should help you when choosing your crew or assigning them to tasks in the Ship Phase. All 90 crewmembers are listed in alpha order by first name. I color coded each name based on the color “basic” icon needed to use their convert abilities (Core / Veteran). If you don’t have the Personnel Files expansion ignore the second color in their name.

I show what icon their ability converts to. The first icon is their Core game ability and the second is their Veteran ability if you have the Personnel Files expansion.

I suggest printing this list and then when a crewmember joins your team, write the name of the Section after their name. This will help set the crew back to their correct Sections if you ever accidentally remove several from their rank sleeves at the same time and forget which Section each was assigned to.

Next I suggest putting this list in a sheet protector and then using it when puzzling out which crew should be assigned to boost Research or Production or to solve a Situation … as these tasks use the crewmember’s convert ability icons, so you can review which icons you have available using this list. You might write what Research card you are considering assigning them to boost… or likewise for a Production card and Situation card.

You also can add a note by each name if you are thinking of using them for training new recruits, helping heal another in MedBay or gaining energy to use to Scan the planet. Remember that you must save at least one crewmember from each Section to be available for Away Team selection.

Here is the list… first as a PDF (best to print) and then a graphic to view from this page:

=> Crew List with Convert Abilities (PDF)

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