Lively Space Mode (aka House Rules)

There is a Deadly Space Mode which basically is a set of official Awaken Realms “house rules” to make the game more difficult. See => Deadly Space Mode rules

For some of us, the game is plenty difficult already … maybe TOO difficult.

So … join with me in creating a set of Lively Space Mode rules (house rules to make the game easier).

  1. Play in any order (not clockwise). Each player on the Away Team must take their turn before moving on to the next “round”, but not necessarily in clockwise order.
  2. Play as many Sections as you wish (not just 2 for Solo per page 23 of the Ship Book)
  3. Choose your crewmembers from the full set in the box (not from a randomly selected group of 4-6)
  4. Assist from anywhere on the map (not just the same sector)
  5. Assisting crewmember can use their conversion ability (normally they can’t)
  6. When adding an injury die to your crew board – never slide a regular section die off the available side to the spent pool
  7. Let all crewmembers bring all the dice for their Section along on the Away Mission (waive the restriction that some dice may only be included by higher ranked crew)
  8. Let all crewmembers bring any Sections cards they wish on the Away Mission (waive the restriction that some cards may only be included by higher ranked crew)
  9. Make the Global Condition dice check optional (it is mandatory according to the rulebook)
  10. When you finish the tutorial, the rules say that you keep the crew you used. As a house rule, swap them for any other crewmembers you wish.
  11. You can assist another player with either a Card or a Die (or both). Wait till after the current player rolls their dice before jumping in to assist (you wouldn’t know which Section cards or dice to assist with otherwise)
  12. Once you visit a planet and return at a later time, since you have already BEEN on the planet, the planetary scanner will show you all scan results for free.
  13. Discard section cards you don’t want at any time House rule to then automatically draw cards up to your limit.
  14. Once you progress through all the “spots” and get to the outcome box, you have achieved the goal and now just wait for the reward. You cannot be forced back onto the progress track again (since you actually left it when moving to the reward/outcome spot)
  15. Turn a die to it’s V (wild) side … officially you cannot turn it to the double V side but as a house rule include that as a V side as well (after all, it *IS* a V side)
  16. According to the rules you can spend both icons on a double icon die side, but only for the same thing because you treat them as “icons” not “dice”. House Rule: treat a double sided die face as two dice that can be used for two different things. Note: according to the rules, the double V (wild/wild) die face can have each of the wild icons be treated as something different.
Do you have a house rule that you’d like to share? Just add it to a reply / comment to this article!

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