Book for Awaken Realms

The Count Down stories have been formatted into a 104 page book.

Status: Everything was dropped off at Grimm Book Bindery for them to professionally bind the book with a glossy photolike cover. Unclear when the book will be ready to pick up, but perhaps sometime around October 20.

Grimm Book Bindery has someone on staff who will fix up the front cover for the book (Len does not have the right “tools” for this). It will look something like this (only better):

The back cover should look like this:

=> Back Cover Vanguard Stories v2-1

The 104 page book was converted to a PDF for the Book Bindery to use:

=> Vanguard Stories and Blessings104pages v2-1

ALSO … equally important is that there are dozens of videos and songs that are an integral part of  the stories … and since they cannot be on the pages in a hardcover book … I created a webpage with them all as well as a playlist of them!

=> Webpage of videos / songs to accompany the stories
=> Playlist of those same videos / songs

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