Jan 9 Monday Q&A with Marcin at 10am Central USA time

Highlights: 2nd Wave, Translations, Length

Marcin’s Monday Q&A is over, but was recorded so you can watch it at any time. Highlights are below the video:


  1. 1:35 – They are working on the 2nd wave content now.
  2. 2:00 – They are working on the translations now. It will take a while because it is a HUGE game.
  3. 3:25 – Q: Any update for Wave 2? A: They are finishing up the development work for the remaining two campaigns now. In general the content looks good. They are checking that it is well balanced and the campaign flows well.
  4. 4:35 – Q: Is ISS Vanguard similar in length to Tainted Grail? A: It likely is a bit longer but generally comparable. But the games ARE different!
  5. It is possible that Marcin’s Weekly Q&A might become bi-weekly or monthly soon.

*** Still Working On This ***

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