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Info About The Game:

   => Comparing and Explaining while Unboxing (56 minute video presented by Len)
   => Ready For Your First Game (how it looks all set up presented by Len)
   => Quick 5 minutes
   => Refreshing 13 minutes
   => Calm 16 minutes
=> Dice Tower 25 minutes
   => Official 31 minutes
   => Full 2 1/2 hour

=> How To Introduce The Game To Friends

=> Final Rulebook (online version with highlights PLUS near final Ship Book)

Latest News:

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  1. #1 Best Solo Game of the Year
  2. What game was best for SOLO play in 2022?
  3. Official Update 51
  4. 3 New Crew Cards (fan made)
  5. December 19 Monday Q&A with Marcin at 10am Central USA time
  6. Full Campaign Review by Tomas
  7. December 12 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  8. Official Update #50 – 2nd Wave Development
  9. December 5 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  10. Dice Tower Looks at ISS Vanguard
  11. Overview of the game in 3 minutes
  12. November 28 Monday Q&A with Marcin was cancelled
  13. Lively Space Mode (aka House Rules)
  14. November 21 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  15. Master System Map
  16. Crew List with Abilities (Core and Veteran)
  17. ISS Vanguard App is not compatible with Chromebooks
  18. November 14 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  19. Paul Grogan (rulebook guy) is Super Enthused (see his video comments)
  20. Ten PLUS Ten! (things you might like with ISS Vanguard)
  21. Having the Time of Your Life (aka How Long Does It Take?)
  22. One Way to Pack everything (All In Pledge)
  23. Just One Turn on Pellucid (no spoilers)
  24. USA – ALL orders for Wave 1 have been shipped by Gamerati
  25. November 7 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  26. The NAMES of the Landers, Threats and Equipment
  27. Official Update 49 (includes Translations Timeline)
  28. Remember the LIFT-OFF Log entry on each planet
  29. Finished The ISS Vanguard Tutorial – Great Fun (1 minute video included)
  30. October 31 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  31. Rolling Dice (keeping them separate) in ISS Vanguard
  32. USA – all orders are going out by end of today (Oct 28)
  33. Section Dice (and Crewmember Cards and Crew Boards) ISS Vanguard with Video
  34. USA Shipping – all “orders” should be processed by Oct 28
  35. Travel (Sector to Sector) in ISS Vanguard
  36. Playmats Explained (ISS Vanguard video)
  37. Your First Game of ISS Vanguard (all set up)
  38. Master Card and Dice Holder
  39. October 24 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  40. Lead Tokens
  41. USA – All Pre-Packed should be out to UPS Soon
  42. USA Container 4 Pre-Packed is completed!
  43. New Box! Old Box! (Arrival)
  44. Official Update 48 (Shipping Update 4)
  45. USA – Gamerati Info Post from 10:30am Central time
  46. A Refreshing Overview
  47. USA – Container 3 is now with UPS (two more to go)
  48. Big Surprise Coming on My ISS Vanguard likely on Friday!
  49. USA – Container 3 is done … two more to go
  50. I got my Shipping Notification (USA)
  51. A Nice Calm Review by Board Of It
  52. USA shipping weekend update 2 – Container 2 Parcels are with UPS (see VIDEO)
  53. October 17 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  54. USA weekend shipping update
  55. Part 2 Tutorial Playthrough (2nd Planetary Exploration) by Paul Grogan
  56. Tutorial Playthrough (LONG) by Paul Grogan
  57. USA Gamerati is now working on Container 2 (of 5)
  58. USA Gamerati says 2nd (of 5) Container should be shipped by end of Oct 14
  59. USA – One Trailer of boxes is out the door at Gamerati (passed on to UPS)
  60. UPDATED with video and photos: Excellent Dice Tray SYSTEM!
  61. Official Update 47 (Shipping Update)
  62. USA Shipping Begins
  63. Metal or Clear Reinforcements for Ship Book Pages
  64. October 10 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  65. Discovery Decks Tray
  66. BoardGameCo Unboxing and Ramblings video
  67. USA? Check Gamerati Facebook page!
  68. Kids helping Unbox ISS Vanguard (again)
  69. Short 5 minute review! (includes a very clear reminder to NOT mix section dice together into one roll pool)
  70. USA Gamerati Notes (shipping might be delayed)
  71. USA shipping will be via UPS
  72. Ant Lab talks about ISS Vanguard at Board Game Roundup
  73. Metal Reinforce Ship Book Pages?
  74. Official Shipping Report #2 (Update #46)
  75. This is the Playthrough That I have been Waiting For!!!
  76. Five Key Elements of ISS Vanguard (Pros and Cons) – One Stop Coop Shop
  77. Game Trayz X-Trayz are back in stock
  78. Kids do the best Unboxings? (I wish I understood Polish)
  79. October 3 Monday Q&A with Marcin
  80. Can you identify all 18 crew here?
  81. USA Shipping Gamefound EMail
  82. Ship to USA Has Docked (and now has departed)
  83. What happens when fans contribute to your project?
  84. Just How BIG did you say the box was? (video unboxing included)
  85. Shipping Quick View Summary
  86. Official Shipping Update (English 1st Wave)
  87. Quick Look at Personnel Files CARDS! WOW!
  88. THE Hottest Game!
  89. Paul Grogan (rulebook guy) unboxing
  90. No More Nationalities / Countrys of Origin

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Featured post

Feb 27 BiWeekly Monday Q&A with Marcin

Facebook does not provide a link to the Q&A ahead of time, so you have to just wait for it to start, then click to enter. When finished, text highlights will be under the video window.


  1. 5:10 – They are working on the second wave now.
  2. 5:40 – The timeline is still looking pretty good.
  3. 5:50 – Translations are going full speed (it is a HUGE game)

Click => Awaken Realms Videos page

Click => Full 3 Column Site

Feb 13 BiWeekly Monday Q&A with Marcin

Highlights: 2nd Wave, Translations, Delay

The Q&A is over, but was recorded so you can watch it at any time. Highlights are included below the video window as usual.


  1. 4:55 – They are working on finishing ISS Vanguard 2nd Wave.
  2. 5:30 – Translations of the core boxes are ongoing.
  3. 5:45 – Of the work going on, ISS Vanguard probably had the biggest delay because of the amount of text to translate – it turned out to be a huge game.

Click => Awaken Realms Videos page

Click => Full 3 Column Site

Jan 30 Monday Q&A with Marcin at 10am Central USA time

Highlights from the Q&A will be provided below the video window once it is over (great for those who don’t use Facebook). Facebook does NOT provide an advance link to the live Q&A so I can only provide a link to all their videos and it will appear there when Marcin goes live:


  1. z

*** Still Working On This ***

Click => Awaken Realms Videos page

Click => Full 3 Column Site

Official Update 52

Awaken Realms as posted another official update!

=> Update #52

Here are the highlights:

  1. Deadly Frontier has been completed and prototypes have been sent out to playtesters.
  2. The Lost Fleet is nearly finished and prototypes will be available at the end of February for playtesting.
  3. By the end of March Awaken Realms should have results back from playtesters and will be able to present an estimated timeline for the 2nd Wave.
  4. Many examples of artwork from the 2nd wave are included in Update #52. Here is one example:
  5. Many examples of the miniatures from the 2nd wave are included in Update #52. Here is one example:
  6. Note: these are prototypes and are a much simpler type of prototype than those that were in Prototype 2 of the main game.
  7. Language Editions are now estimated to be delivered in Q3 of 2023 (July-September 2023). Note that their previous timeline remains valid.
    => Timeline for Language Editions 1st Wave
  8. After proofreading the translations Awaken Realms will provide samples without spoilers.

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