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Info About The Game:

   => Comparing and Explaining while Unboxing (56 minute video presented by Len)
   => Ready For Your First Game (how it looks all set up presented by Len)
   => Resetting Your Game (ready to play it again from the beginning)
   => Quick 5 minutes
   => Refreshing 13 minutes
   => Calm 16 minutes
=> Dice Tower 25 minutes
   => Official 31 minutes
   => Full 2 1/2 hour

=> How To Introduce The Game To Friends

=> Final Rulebook (online version with highlights PLUS near final Ship Book)

Find out more about the improved Prototype 2:

  1. What’s Changed from Prototype 1=> Rolling Solo
  2. Unboxing=> Len’s What’s In The Box
  3. Setup=> Rolling Solo
  4. Tutorial 1 Len’s Ruminations
  5. Tutorial 2 Len’s Ruminations
  6. Tutorial 3 Len’s Photolog part1 AND Part 2
  7. Tutorial 4 (ship phase – full)=> Len’s Run Through Photolog
  8. Tutorial 5 (planet exploration)=> Len’s preparation Photolog part1 and Len’s Community Help Photolog part2 and Len’s Actual Mission part3
  9. Game 6 (ship phase)=> Len’s overview
  10. Game 9Len’s brief overview
  11. Game 10Len’s brief overview
  12. Game 11(revisited a planet) => Len’s brief overview

Videos re: ISS Vanguard Prototype 2:

More about Len => About

Click => Full 3 Column Site

Featured post

Official Update 56

Awaken Realms has posted a new update!

=> Update #56


  • Second Wave development (English) is complete!
    • Currently the focus is on proofreading the text and finalizing the molds for the miniatures
    • TImeline is still on track from that shared in Update #54
    • Delivery to backers is expected in late October 2023
    • Art examples are in the official update. Example:
  • Preliminary Rulebooks (minor spoilers in them):
  • Language Editions (other than English) First Wave – A previous update included samples and examples of translated. Comments and feedback received have been taken to the translating partners (who are all native language translators). They have been asked to conduct an additional double-check of all the translated text. This is currently under way and is nearly complete. However, note that there is an extensive amount of text in ISS Vanguard, so it is estimated that this double-check of the translations will be finished in 1-2 weeks at which point the newest version of the rulebooks in each language will be shared. This slightly delays the estimated delivery to mid-September.

Resetting The Game When Done (Factory Reset) [SPOILERS]

Warning! ISS Vanguard is a campaign game that takes weeks to complete. It will take you at least 50 or 60 hours to complete the campaign, but if you are playing thoroughly (rather than quickly) the full campaign will take well over 100 hours (even 200 hours). This article is NOT about how to put the game away between sessions as you are continuing the campaign! This article explains how to do a “Factory Reset” of the game so it is ready for you to start a brand new fresh game from ground zero… or to give to a friend to play!

Yes … you CAN play the game over again once you are done! And you can make different choices as you play to get a whole new game experience!

Here are some tips for repacking everything so that it is ready for you to begin a new campaign (or to pass it along to a friend to play).

Continue reading “Resetting The Game When Done (Factory Reset) [SPOILERS]”

Official Update 55

Awaken Realms has posted their latest update:

=> Update 55


  1. The Pledge Manager closes in about 24 hours on 25th April at 8 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)
  2. Custom Dice Expansion is now available as a separate campaign. Two custom “round” dice are available as an alternative to the Danger Die and the D10 Die for $9.90 ($2 more for sundrop):
    => ISS Vanguard Dice Expansion
    Estimated delivery date: May 2024

April 24 BiWeekly Monday Q&A with Marcin

The Q&A is over but was recorded so you can watch it any time! See highlights below the video window:


  • 3:50 – They have a new campaign “Vault” (story dice) to produce special custom dice for many of their games including ISS Vanguard! [see the announcement here=> Update 55]
  • 5:00 – ISS Vanguard 2nd Wave is being finished up and the timeline is looking pretty good.
  • 7:30 – Q: will logs and cards in 2nd wave be “fixed” as per official errata? A: Probably not.

Click => Awaken Realms Videos page

Click => Full 3 Column Site

Official Update 54

Awaken Realms has posted update 54!

=> Update 54


  • Pledge manager closes April 25 at 8pm CEST (Central Europe Summer Time)
  • Check the status of your pledge!
    • Paid in Full (everything is done on your part, order, shipping, payment)
    • Paid Awaiting PM (your order is paid, but you still need to take care of shipping info and payment)
  • Estimated English 2nd Wave Timeline
  • Lost Fleet Play testing is completed. Feedback received. Fixes and game balancing is complete!
    • Now proofreading all the text
  • All translation for Language editions has been completed

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