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NOTE: see a clickable list of the Q&A sessions with brief summary of each below!

Awaken Realms does a weekly Q&A video with Marcin. You can be part of the live session that typically happens on Mondays around 4:00 pm UTC (10 am USA Central time). There is no advance link to a specific Q&A, you need to just go to the Awaken Realms Facebook page at that time and the link appears when it starts.

Click => Weekly Q&A Videos (page of all the videos)

I typically watch each Q&A twice and type a highlights list of everything related to ISS Vanguard that comes up during the Q&A session along with a time stamp under the video window.

So, you can just quickly scan over the highlights and in less than a minute find out the latest from Marcin, or if you can find a specific item that interests you just click the video link and jump to the time indicated to watch that portion!

Here are the Q&A Sessions in the order they happened beginning with December 21, 2020. They all include my summary and highlight notes as well as a link to the video itself! 

  1. 2020 December 21 – Miniatures, Campaign, Dice and more!
  2. December 28 – Dice, Shipping, Scenarios and more!
  3. 2021 January 4Dice, Dice Trays, Dice Tower, Sleeves, Dials and more!
  4. January 1129,000 backers, sleeves, aliens, planet landings, rule book and more!
  5. January 18Sleeves, 2,800 cards, miniatures sun drop, the first four crew members all killed? Can’t be!
  6. January 25Dice, cards, Late Pledge, game play, crew members, posters and more!
  7. February 1Marcin was on vacation
  8. February 8Miniatures, epic story, feedback, and more!
  9. February 15Game flow, add-ons, solo play and more!
  10. February 22 (parts 1&2)NEWS: ISS Vanguard 1st wave shipping might be slightly delayed
  11. March 1Pledge Manager will likely open end of March or beginning of April and stay open about 2-3 months
  12. March 8Play testing, dice, shipping, and more!
  13. March 15 (part1) / (part2)T-Shirts, Hoodies, Late Pledges, language translations and more!
  14. March 22COVID lockdowns, and more!
  15. March 29 COVID lockdown, Late Pledge, App, delivery date, miniatures and more!
  16. April 5Shipping, COVID lockdown, Personal Files, and more!
  17. April 12Late Pledges, timeline, sleeves, miniatures on cards, and more!
  18. April 19Tutorial, rule book, in house testing, prototypes, dice and more!
  19. April 26Pledge Manager, next update, new prototype, play testers, add-ons, crew members, dice, miniatures and more!
  20. May 10Showcase Video, new set of prototypes, advanced app and more!
  21. May 17Storage Containers, Dice, Sun Drop, P.E.T.s, Playmats, New Prototype, Miniatures, Personal Files, and more!
  22. May 24 New Prototypes, Standard Section Boxes, Dice Sets, Personal Files, the App and more!
  23. May 31Prototypes, dice upgrade, box for the sleeves, organizer and more
  24. June 7 Prototypes and Retail Distribution
  25. June 14 Update coming this week, delays with the production timeline, 14+ yrs old, standees, the journey in the story of the game, and more!
  26. June 21 – Update should be posted today
  27. June 28 – Pledge Manager will remain open several extra months, Sundrop
  28. July 5 – Marcin was on vacation
  29. July 12 Rahdo video soon, close to completing everything, language edition, 2nd Wave shipping, content, time, dice, add-on examples
  30. July 19Pledge Manager, Miniatures, Wave 1 Shipping and more!
  31. July 26 – Q&A for today was cancelled.
  32. Aug 2 – Sundrop, 2nd Wave
  33. Aug 9 – Development, Sundrop
  34. Aug 16 – cancelled due to a conflict with another meeting
  35. Aug 23Development, Personal Files, Shipping, Update, Sundrop, Dice, Pledge Manager, Art, Prototypes, Ship Book
  36. Aug 30Development, Section Storage boxes, Sundrop, Dice
  37. Sep 6 – Postponed
  38. Sep 13Dice, Sundrop, Pledge Manager, Wave 2, Employees
  39. Sep 20 Reserve Budget, rule books, gameplay, update, sundrop
  40. Sep 27 – postponed
  41. Oct 4Shipping, Rule Books, metal poster, conservative budget, goal, production, epic, ship phase
  42. Oct 11Energy shortage, super proud, shipping containers, content has been closed, update, digital version
  43. Oct 18Play testing the new Ship Phase, testing the full campaign, backers before retail, translation, testing, update
  44. Oct 25 Finalized, sundrop, Ship Phase, video, tutorial, manual, update
  45. Nov 1 – postponed
  46. Nov 8Timeline, App
  47. Nov 15 Containers, Closing down the game, Pledge Manager, Timeline, Full Campaign Testing
  48. Nov 22Sundrop, Update, Production, Sundrop colors
  49. Nov 29Update, Ship Book, Timeline, Pledge Manager, App
  50. Dec 6 – Didn’t seem to happen!
  51. Dec 13 Retail, Translating, Characters Death, Crawler, Ship Book, Dice
  52. Dec 20Dice, Testing, Translucent Shields, Campaigns
  53. Dec 27 – probably will NOT be a Q&A
  54. 2022 Jan 3Cards, Upgrade Dice, Quality, French, Writing, Rule Book, Art Book, Sundrop Colors
  55. Jan 10 – Cancelled
  56. Jan 17Rule Book, Section Boxes, Dice
  57. Jan 24Double-checking & finalizing, Delivery, Glued Book, Sundrop
  58. Jan 31 – Cancelled
  59. Feb 7Finalizing, Wave 2, Deluxe Dice, Polish, Reviewers
  60. Feb 14 – Cancelled
  61. Feb 21 – Cancelled
  62. Feb 28Ukraine, Master Files, Timeline Schedule
  63. Mar 7Shipping, Sick, This War of Mine, Books
  64. Mar 14Ukraine Relief Sale of This War of Mine, Production Staff Sick
  65. Mar 21This War of Mine Ukraine Benefit Sale, Almost Fully Into Production, First Wave Shipping Estimate, Surprise Package
  66. Mar 28Three things left, Photos of Sundrop, Delivery
  67. April 4Production, Language Editions, Pledge Manager
  68. April 11Proof copy, almost final Rulebook, Polish edition, Personal favorite game
  69. April 18 – Cancelled
  70. April 25Full “white” release, photos, component quality, Polish version, Timeline, complex
  71. May 2Final Production Copy, Unboxing, 2nd Wave, 1st Wave Language Edition, Excited, Wave 1
  72. May 9App, Production, Shipping, Updates, Spanish, Unboxing
  73. May 16 – Cancelled
  74. May 23First Mass Production Copy, Another chance to get ISS Vanguard, App, Extra stuff with 2nd Wave
  75. May 30China Delays, 2nd Wave, Awaken Realms
  76. June 6Transparent card holder pages, Production
  77. June 13Pledge Manager, Mass Production, Unboxing, Deadly Frontier
  78. June 20 – Cancelled
  79. June 27Happy, unboxing video is posted, amount of content for the price (just $95 to earlier Gamefound users), delivery, sleeved cards, Late Pledges, sleeves, components, reprint, language edition, player mats, 2nd wave, picking up English Edition, add-ons, new backers, retail
  80. July 4Shipping to start in about 2 months, translations, Late Pledge 
  81. July 18First containers get picked up in 1 week, Wave 1 Language Edition, Voice Over in App
  82. July 25First containers being picked up today, two new writers
  83. Aug 1 – Cancelled
  84. Aug 8 Containers, Shipping
  85. Aug 15 – Cancelled
  86. Aug 22Arriving next month, on ships, language editions, late pledge, video tutorial
  87. Aug 29Highlights: On the ships, Rules Video, Language Editions, Delivering, Logbook, Late Pledges, Campaign Game, Dreadnaught Pledge
  88. Sep 5 – Cancelled
  89. Sep 12 – Shipping, Late Pledge
  90. Sep 19Shipping, App, Pledge Manager, Late Pledge, Language Editions
  91. Sept 26Best Campaign Game, Rank Sleeves, App, Timeline, Voice Over, Canada, Shipping Update, Dice
  92. Oct 3Shipping, Future, Polish, Pledge Manager, App
  93. Oct 10App, Wave 2, Shipping, UK, Canada
  94. Oct 17Deliveries, Special, Translations, Affordable, UK
  95. Oct 24Shipped, Packing, App, Ambitious, Deadly Frontier, 2nd Wave, Late Pledge, Polish
  96. Oct 31Gamerati (USA), Prepacked, 2nd Wave, Translation, Long Campaign

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