Monday Q&A LIVE with Awaken Realms (January 25)

Dice, cards, Late Pledge, game play, crew members, posters and more!

Here is the link to the recorded Q&A with my highlighted notes below it:

  1. 3:35 – ISS Vanguard Dice … they will decide in the next couple weeks. Some might be metal, some translucent, etc [premium dice option] There will be a dedicated update for it.
  2. 7:40 – Q: when will Pledge Manager open? A: probably in March.
  3. 9:25 – Q: dimensions for the cards, especially the square cards A: there will be some updates on that.
  4. 11:20 – Q: will there be a late pledge option? A: Yes, and you can be notified if you go to the ISS Vanguard webpage on Gamefound and click the FOLLOW button [inside the green panel on the right]
  5. 12:18 – Q: game play for 4 players versus just one or two? A: this is a complicated question that will likely need a full update. But generally, with four players, each player controls one section (both planet and ship phase). This game is the best co-op game that they have made so far. They are in the development stage now to see how to make it even better.
  6. 19:05 – Q: when will it be possible to make a late pledge? A: it will soon be open but only to backers, but there will be an option in it for retail stores.
  7. 21:15 – Q: when will we see the pledge manager? A: in March
  8. 21:30 – Q: promos? A: usually there is a 1 year exclusive on promos.
  9. 23:15 – [my question]: can a character in the game switch between the four sections from one scenario to another? Or once started do they always stay in the same section? A: Once started the character stays in the same section for life.
  10. 24:15 – Q: will there be a backup sleeves option? A: Yes, there will be a full sleeving option in very high quality with a storage solution
  11. 25:20 – Posters for ISS Vanguard could will become available soon, but we will see.
  12. 27:25 – there will be NO Q&A next week – Marcin will be on vacation :) … he will probably be back in time for the Q&A in two weeks though.

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