Subject To Change

NOTE: the game is NOT yet final and is subject to change!

Awaken Realms makes this clear with this note at the very beginning of the instructions for the prototype… QUOTE:

IMPORTANT: This box contains an early, limited test version of the ISS Vanguard board game. Before proceeding, please note that:

  • The game is still a work in progress – its rules and components are subject to change.
  • Only the first part of the campaign, consisting of six Planet Boards, is included and playable. The purpose of this version is to thoroughly test the core gameplay mechanisms, the first part of the campaign, and tutorial introductions.
  • All text and art assets are still in development and lack final editing.
  • Many art assets are placeholders.
  • No physical components, including dice or models, are final and many are represented with off-the-shelf, standard game pieces.

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