This page is sort of an index or table of contents to information about the game and how it works.

NOTE: If you want to be surprised as you play the game, you may choose to NOT look at some of these topics. Personally, I don’t think they spoil the game… merely prepare you for the game (or help you decide if you wish to Late Pledge or not). Much of this is like an online rule book.

Click on these topics for more info:

  1. DICE  (lots  of  dice)
    1. Dice Symbols (names of the symbols on the dice)
    2. Section Dice Names (names of the die itself within 5 categories)
    3. Colorblind Dice (the brackets in the corners of some sides of the dice)
    4. What is a BLANK die? (answer: it is a Converter die)
  2. SECTIONS  (four  sections)
    1. Engineering Section
    2. Recon Section
    3. Security Section
    4. Science Section
  3. CREW (over  90  crewmembers)
    1. Crewmembers with a “red” die converter
    2. Crewmembers with a “blue” die converter
    3. Crewmembers with a “green” die converter
    4. Crew special skill with 1 charge
    5. Crew special skills with 2 charges
    6. Crew special skills with 3 charges
    7. Crew special skills with 4 charges
    8. Crew special skills infinite charges
  4. The Landers
  5. Leads lead to Discoveries
  6. Injuries… Injury Cards… Injury Dice… Dying (and using up our success tokens)
  7. Success Tokens – What are They? How Do I Get Them?
  8. Ending Your Mission (sorting through the sources)
  9. Section Storage Boxes
  10. Prototype Book Sizes
  11. How Many Systems/Planets in the 2nd Prototype?
  12. Size of square equipment cards
  13. Planetary Information Scanner
  14. Event Type Symbols
  15. Barely (not quite) Fits on a 33.5 inch square card table
  16. House Rules
  17. Success and Failure Trackers
  18. Time Trackers
  19. Playing ISS Vanguard SOLO (ie, just you as a 1 player game)

More to come! Is there some aspect of the game that you would like more info on? Send me a short note and I will see if I can cover it for you => Contact Me

Note: remember this is from the prototype and may not be in the FINAL game!

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