August 22 Monday Q&A with Marcin

Highlights: Arriving next month, on ships, language editions, late pledge, video tutorial

The Monday Marcin Q&A is over but was recorded so you can watch it any time. Highlights are below the video as usual:

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights:

  1. 3:10 – ISS Vanguard [English edition 1st Wave] will be coming to backers next month. It took them quite a while to make it. It’s huge! A HUGE game! Amazing content. Best voice over app in the industry… one of the best stories. The best gameplay that they’ve ever done. The best rulebook (hopefully). It was a super huge passion project.
  2. 7:35 – Q: Have all the boxes of ISS Vanguard been placed on ships? A: Marcin thinks so, yes. Oh… there was a small delay of a week or something like that for the ships heading to the US hub. Should all be collected and on ships by the end of the month. And the next month the mass shipping of the boxes should begin.  Shipping of any of their games is important, but ISS Vanguard is so very special for everyone at Awaken Realms.
  3. 8:55 – Q: Language editions? A: They’ve been working on them already for over a month, but there is so much content it takes a lot of time. Right now they are concentrating on showing us the shipping timeline. After that they will have a much better idea about everything. The thing about translating BIG games is not only do they have a lot of content, but also they have to check everything. After they get a translation, then they need people to play the game with that translation. And then there are branching campaigns as well. It’s a complex process.
  4. 15:10 – Q: will late pledge open after the 1st wave? A: Yes, they want to reopen it, but all backers will then have to wait for the 2nd wave shipping. ISS Vanguard is something special.
  5. 20:30 – Q: when will the video tutorial be available? A: They will have it before the games start shipping to backers. They planned it in this way: that when you receive the game you also will have the full voice over app and the video tutorial and the manual (rulebook) that is “perfect”. It will be cool. It is an interesting deploy of a game!

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