July 12 Q&A with Marcin

The Live Monday Marcin Q&A has ended but is recorded so you can view it any time you wish. As usual (for me and this website), I watched it a second time and added a summary of highlights and info about ISS Vanguard that was part of the Q&A under the video window.

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights with time stamps will be added here soon after the LiveStream ends:

  1. 8:30 – The Rahdo video of ISS Vanguard should be coming this week. Next Awaken Realms will consider what all the reviews (and playtests) have said about the game to determine if it needs more tweaking or if all the updates have improved it to the final level (of excellence). For example if there is something you do a thousand times over the course of a 30-50 hour campaign and a small tweak would improve it, that would be a great benefit (compared to one little thing that happens just once, because there will ALWAYS be little things that can continually be “improved”)
  2. 9:50 – Generally the feedback from the second prototype has been really positive. They are close to completing everything.

  1. 12:15 – About the language edition: Awaken Realms typically does about five different language editions, and they manufacture (produce) all five at the same time to save on their costs. If any one of the translations is delayed, it delays producing all of them (since they do them all at the same time). Even though it costs Awaken Realms more to produce the language editions, they don’t increase the cost to the backers so that they can get the game at the same price as the English edition.
  2. 14:40 – General: Usually Awaken Realms games 2nd Wave gets delayed quite a lot, so it was nice that Nemesis Lockdown may be done according to the scheduled timeline.
  3. 17:50 – Q: What game play improvements are you learning about via the 2nd prototype? A: They used the 2nd prototype to see if after all the changes to the first prototype, the game play was sound and stable (and fun). And right now it is looking good with only a few minor tweaks being done. Right now they are focusing mostly on the CONTENT of the game.
  4. 23:00 – The games that Awaken Realms are currently making are taking a lot of effort to make – a crazy amount of effort – like a thousand unique artworks, tons of miniatures and everything. So they are hoping these games will be long-lasting and they are looking into how they can be available for the long run.
  5. 23:55 – Q: Any news on the premium dice (ie, photos)? A: The premium dice currently has pretty good samples with a picture of them in the Gamefound Project page (see=> Dice Upgrade for 3 pictures)
  6. 25:45 – Q: Will you provide more photos/samples of add-ons like dice, playmats, section boxes? A: Nothing beyond what is on the Pledge Manager right now.

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