Official Update 25 Link and Summary

The official update from Awaken Realms for August was just released. Here is a link to it:

Click => Update 25


  1. Awaken Realms is developing new content and iterating the content they have
  2. Paul Grogan has joined the ISS Vanguard project. Who is he? A: a great rule book editor! Also he has a great YouTube channel you can check out … you could start with his Youtube where he comments on ISS Vanguard (Aug 25) => Paul Grogan Talks About ISS Vanguard
  3. The “deep dive” into the Ship Book has been delayed… more on it in the next update.
  4. Six new Explorations have been completed in the past few weeks with hundreds of logs and dozens of new Points of Interest (POI) and things to discover as well as decisions to make.
  5. Artists are working on this now.
  6. They are close to finalizing the first campaign.
  7. Play testers will soon get to test this campaign!

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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