Sept 13 Q&A with Marcin

Highlight Summary => Dice, Sundrop, Pledge Manager, Wave 2, Employees

The Monday Marcin Q&A is over, but it is recorded. You can view it using this video (and highlights and summary of ISS Vanguard news is below the video window):

ISS Vanguard Summary and Highlights with time stamps:

  1.  11:30 – Q: Any chance we can see examples of the dice that allows us to compare the standard with the premium? A: Awaken Realms plans on getting that out before the Pledge Manager ends, but they aren’t able to right now. Soon, but not yet. The plan is for the standard dice to be one color and the premium a mixture of two colors with the stardust effect inside.
  2. 13:20 – Q: When can we expect the reveal of the sundrop color? A: Maybe in 2-3 months, well, maybe earlier. They are considering colors for each section of the miniatures. [see middle of this article => Section Storage boxes (maybe they would expand their consideration to include matching sundrop for the section miniatures (and background color of standees) as well the Section Storage boxes add-on)]
  3. 13:51 – Q: When will Pledge Manager close? A: Right before they start production. Parts of the game is still being developed. They will let us know a month ahead of the closing date.
  4. 14:20 – Q: what is the usual time lag between Wave 1 and Wave 2? It seems like there is a lot of content for ISS Vanguard in Wave 2; lots of work! A: It is much easier to do the expansions that the core box. The core box has to make all the rules. The expansion can make some new rules but rely on the backbone of the core game. However, he realizes Awaken Realms track record for Wave 2 is usually delayed, but often it is because they are adding much more content.
  5. 16:50 – Q: How many people are working full time for Awaken Realms? A: considering all the interconnected companies, about 150 people and growing pretty fast.

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