The Dice Evolution

Awaken Realms has released a new official update today featuring THE DICE. And there have been what seems to be literally thousands of comments posted. Many seem to contrast the nearly final standard dice with those in the original campaign. However (and ACTUALLY) the final dice are nearly identical to those shown in the original campaign!

Let’s take a more step by step look:

Click => Original Campaign Home Page

Scroll down (a lot) and you will come to how they portrayed the dice that were coming with the game:

Then in the summer of 2021 came Prototype 2. I asked, but Awaken Realms said they could not send me a copy of the prototype (even though I was running the My ISS Vanguard website). However … I did get a copy 2nd hand from one of the reviewers, so I can now show you what the dice looked like six months after the campaign:

Main dice for the game

Finally, six months after Prototype 2 Awaken Realms as treated us with photos of the nearly final dice:

Now, let’s just take a few side by side shots from these photos to see how the dice have evolved (from the campaign page on the left, to prototype 2 in the middle to the nearly final just announced (same as the first photo, but it seems more appropriate right here):

NOTE: I *DID* retake the photos in the middle of the prototype 2 dice – my first photos I took with the dice on top of my game table and the lighting was not the best. I then retook the photos in our kitchen which has bright lighting… but even then the photos are not the best. Sigh. Awaken Realms photos of the Standard Dice are much better photos than my photos of the Prototype 2 dice :)

Or, more helpful for viewing on a phone, from Top to bottom (rather then across the page), here are the Original from the Campaign page, Prototype 2, and the Final Standard dice:

Yes … the evolution of the dice seems to be kind of, um, the same at the start, middle and end (but I like the final better).

Next, let’s look at the evolution of the yellow injury dice …again top to bottom – the original from the campaign page, the prototype 2 and then the final:

Once again, the evolution of the yellow injury dice ends up pretty much the same from top to bottom (but I like the final better).

Finally, let’s look at the evolution of the Danger Die! And this one DID change. As before, top to bottom showing the original from the campaign page, prototype 2 and then the final:

The color changed from red to black to orange. The symbols changed as well. But it did remain a solid color D8 die.

Finally … a question not asked much … what about the Alien Dice? This is from the original campaign home page:

Click => Full 3 Column Site

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