Lead Tokens

The lead tokens are a little bit bigger in the final game than the prototype. I made this 5 minute video to show how the game is MUCH more fun if you put your cardboard lead tokens into hard plastic coin capsules (21 inch in diameter capsules). Here is my article about that including a source where you can get your own:

=> Lead Token Plastic Capsules Update

I got distracted and forgot to mention that the very last token on the table (as I was comparing them) actually changed from the prototype to the final game. In the prototype one of the lead tokens gave you one free discovery card. In the final game, that token was changed to be a token of a value of 3 (a 3 point token). Since you need 3 points to acquire a Discovery Card, that 3 point token will give you a free discovery. The difference is that if there already are some tokens on the Discovery Deck, you will remove all of them (along with your newly acquired 3 token) before you draw your new Discovery Card. In the prototype, the leads that were on the deck stayed there. So, Awaken Realms tweaked the game a bit to make it a bit more difficult since now all the tokens on that deck are removed (not just the 3).

NOTE: I did NOT get paid anything and I did NOT receive anything free from Awaken Realms. I paid $514 for my game via Gamefound like the other 30,000 backers!

Here is the video:

Note: the tokens are 20mm diameter so 21mm capsules are about perfect.

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  1. LOL, do they make “21 inch in diameter” coin capsules? Do you need them that large, since I measured the lead tokens at 20-21 mm in diameter? ;-)


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