Official Update #50 – 2nd Wave Development

Awaken Realms posted their latest update:

=> Update #50


Translations (Language Editions):

1st Wave content translations are going as scheduled. Awaken Realms is working with their partners and aim to have everything ready in February 2023. The timeline from the prior update (#49) is still valid. There should be more language file samples in the official update in January 2023.

2nd Wave Content:

The ISS Vanguard Dev Team is actively and intensely working on both the Lost Fleet and the Deadly Frontiers campaigns! They are close to completing the development process for these two campaigns.

Awaken Realms will be running some external playtesting for these campaigns. Only a few chosen groups will be part of this and once feedback from those groups is received and considered they will post an estimated timeline for 2nd Wave fulfillment. Watch for this official update during the first months of 2023. If you are interested in playtesting, the full details are in Update #50.

2nd Wave Art:

The stories and adventures in both 2nd wave campaigns will be rich and exciting. But they also will include more amazing artwork! Update #50 includes over two dozen artwork examples! Here are a few:



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