(26) Count Down – Crew Skills

Levi O’Connor was in the mess hall waiting in line for his supper and noticed Riku further back in line. Levi dropped back a few spots in the line to say HI to Riku:

Hi Riku! Nice to see you today. Aren’t you in the Security Section now? Isn’t their motto, “Always First In Line“? What are you doing in the back of the line?

Riku had to clear up this misconception.

Well, Levi, it’s like this. Were we are in a dangerous situation, you can count on me to be in front of others to make sure that they remain safe. We look out for others and keep them protected. We place the needs of others before our own.

Levi felt like that was a revelation to him.

Wow, Riku! I try to place the needs of others before my own too. Maybe as a chaplain I should be in the Security Section!

And then Levi got everyone in the Security Section together to pray a very special blessing over each of them:

My friends in the Security Section, I bless you this day with a well known blessing from the book of Numbers!

May the Lord bless you my friends, and keep you and take good care of you.
May the Lord’s face shine upon you and may He be kind and gracious to you.
May He look on you with favor and give you peace.

=> Security Section Blessing (full blessing – printable PDF with clickable links)

Photo courtesy of Shea

Here are the Skills of the crew, taken from this master list:
=> Crewmembers Skill Order v4
NOTE: you may only use a Skill if that crewmember has an available charge. I am placing the number of charges each Skill starts with after the Skill name. Also note that charges can be gained or lost during a mission, so this is not necessarily the maximum number of charges for each crewmember! (see page 37 of the rulebook)

  1. Adaptive (2) – change a die face to the side you want.
  2. Advisor (3) – assist another without being in the same Sector
  3. Alertness (3) – ignore the result of a Danger die
  4. Alpha (3) – change the face of one die in an Assisting Crewmembers roll
  5. Brute Force (2) – refresh 1 die for each Section card you discard
  6. Careful (4) – eliminate one bad / accident die (note that this is the only skill that starts with 4 charges)
  7. Competent (2) – draw a Section card from your discard pile
  8. Disciplined (2) – change one bad / accident into a wild
  9. Efficient (2) – save from losing / sacrificing a die
  10. Endurance (3) – ignore the result of an injury die
  11. Energetic (3) – refresh 1 die and draw 1 extra Section card
  12. Follower (3) – move with another crewmember when they leave your Sector
  13. Forecast (3) – ignore an event card
  14. Fortitude (2) – refresh three dice, one of each color
  15. Grit (2) – ignore the result of ALL injury dice
  16. Hermit (1) – rest without losing 1 supply
  17. Hidden Reserves (1) – refresh all red dice
  18. Insight (2) – gain a discovery from a deck with a value of just 2 leads (instead of 3)
  19. Loader (2) – take a small or personal equipment card from the armory (from the main ship)
  20. Methodical (1) – refresh all blue dice
  21. Protector (1) – any crewmember in your sector may ignore gaining an injury
  22. Reckless (3) – roll a Danger die to move to a connected Sector
  23. Record Keeper (2) – roll a die from your spent pool into your roll pool
  24. Searcher (2) – gain a Discovery from a deck with 3 lead tokens (unclear what advantage this is since that that also appears to be the standard procedure)
  25. Selfless (1) – assist with any number of dice (not just 1) PLUS return them to available afterwards
  26. Soldier (2) – ignore one threat time progression
  27. Storyteller (2) – gain 2 success tokens instead of 1
  28. Systematic (1) – refresh all green dice
  29. Team Player (2) – assist with 2 dice instead of 1 and afterwards return them to available
  30. Trump Card (1) – take one Section card of any rank from your Section Compartment bin (from the main ship)
  31. Unbreakable (2) – replace any injury card with a Wounded injury card
  32. Well Trained (3) – draw two cards from your Section deck
  33. Wild Card (2) – if two wild in the roll pool, remove one bad / accident to the spent pool

Now, let’s all take one day to look over this list of crew skills and tomorrow go through some of the advantages of them and when they might prove most useful. See you tomorrow for Count Down 25. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel.

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