Prototype 2.4 – YOU choose a crewmember for me to play

  1. Since the final game boards in the Planetopedia appear to be very similar to Prototype 2 (which I have).
  2. And since the final rulebook is released (and I printed my own copy).
  3. And since the nearly final crewmember cards (all 90) are available (I am printing each one and putting them in card sleeves). [note: the nearly final crewmember cards have different skills and abilities than Prototype 2.0]

Therefore, I will replace Prototype 2.0 rulebook and crewmember cards with the final rulebook and near final crewmember cards. This will create a hybrid of sorts … let’s call it Prototype 2.4 (just so it has a name, or we could call it Toofer I suppose).

Monday or Tuesday I plan to begin a PLAY THROUGH with the new crew and new rules  – using Prototype 2.4 Toofer.

And if you act fast, you can choose the crewmembers that I use in the play through!

Here is how to do it:

  1. Choose a crewmember from the master list:
    => Master List of 90 Crewmembers
    You also can use the charts I created to help you choose a crewmember:
    => The Crew List (charts)
  2. Contact me with the name of the crewmember you would like me to use in a Play Through
    => Contact Me
    Also let me know HOW you would like that crewmember to play (safe, risky, roving) or what Section you’d prefer them in.

Try to do this right away… I am going to try this out tomorrow evening or the following afternoon. Granted, I will be using the outdated 2.0 Ship Book, but I won’t report on that, just on the Planetary Missions with the new rules and crewmembers. Do you think this will work? Who knows!? (The Shadow Knows)

If this works, I can report on any differences I notice from 2.0 to 2.4 Toofer :)

2 thoughts on “Prototype 2.4 – YOU choose a crewmember for me to play

Add yours

  1. I created 4 teams, loosely themed.
    1 By the book:
    Meghan Clarke engineering
    Bern Louw Science
    Ewald Maal Security
    Rica De Graaf recon

    2. Loose Cannons
    Nicholas Green Recon
    Monica Davis Science
    Samarth Ramprakash Engineering
    Stephan Belic Security

    3. Oddballs
    Jia Seck Engineer
    Amir Zaynab Science
    Theo Tsiakalos Security
    Avery Dodge recon

    4. Indomitables
    Abby Knight Engineering
    Adrien Oliver Recon
    Konstantin Plank Science
    Yut Nimawan Security


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